Libraries prepare these weeks a diversity of activities to celebrate the World Book Day

  • Press Office
  • April 12nd, 2019

The libraries of the Universitat de València celebrate World Book Day with various activities. As this year the 23rd of April coincides with Easter, the academic institution has decided to bring the proposals forward. Thus, a campaign has already been launched on social networks with hashtags #FacesAndBooks #BibliotequesUV #DiaDelLibre that encourages users to become "booktubers" with the recording of videos recommending readings and books.

Next Tuesday, April 16, the Health Library staff will try to convey the value of reading through two participatory activities.  The first will be at 9 am in the library and will offer a space for the exchange of literature books with the slogan 'Libera tu libro (bookcrossing in the library)'.  The second, at 6 p.m., in the hall of the Faculty of Medicine: 'Café literario: la lectura en la formación de los profesionales de la salud'.  It is a colloquium on the importance of reading in training. Professors from the Universitat such as Josep Lluis Barona and Nicolás Bas will take part in the talk.

In addition, throughout this week and next week will be held various activities in the rest of libraries.  The Psychology Library is preparing an animation video in which people comment on one of their books. There are also panels distributed around the library with famous phrases about books and reading.  There will also be a raffle for the book 'Riches heures de Jacominus Gainsborough' by Rébecca Dautremer among the people who deposit a request for a work in the fields of sport, psychology and speech therapy in the urn at the lending counter so that it forms part of the library's collection.

In the Education Library, the 'Recommend a Book' corner has been prepared to encourage users to participate with the recording of videos.

In the Science Library there will be an interactive space 'Raons per a llegir' (Reasons to Read) in which people will be able to explain the reasons and motives for reading.  The space will be located on the ground floor of the library. In addition, anyone who wants to can record their video in the photocall.

In the Humanities Library, until 5 May, you can suggest buying a novel, comic, travel guide or film that is not in the library. Instructions can be accessed here.  

In the Historical Library, bookmarks are being created with images of some of its works (manuscripts, incunabule and posters), which will be distributed among its users and sent to the departments and centres of the academic institution.  And in the Cartoteca a selection of some of his books of sheets and facsimiles to leaf through and contemplate will be exhibited from 8 to 17 April.