La Nau opens on Thursday the exhibition "Mètode: 100 números de ciencia"

  • Mètode
  • May 14th, 2019
Mètode: 100 números de ciència

The activities to celebrate the 100 issues of the journal Mètode are part of the programme that La Nau has organised on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Cultural Centre and the 520th anniversary of the Universitat de València.

The journal Mètode and the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture of the Universitat de València inaugurate the exhibition "Mètode:  100 números de ciencia" next Thursday 16 May at the Cultural Centre La Nau of the Universitat de València.  An exhibition that proposes a tour through the main challenges of science through the trajectory of the journal of the Universitat de València. With the covers of the journal as a common thread, the work of artists such as Carmen Calvo, Manuel Boix, Rosa Torres, José Mª Yturralde and Rafael Armengol, the exhibition offers us a journey through the contents and themes that have occupied this hundred of publications.

The exhibition is organised chronologically according to the issues published in the journal, and highlights some of the main milestones achieved by the scientific publication, directed by Martí Domínguez, such as the prizes received throughout his career, the launch of new communication channels such as the web or the Youtube Mètode TV channel, or the creation of the indexed journal Mètode Science Studies Journal.

The exhibition will also include an audiovisual of people related to the journal giving their point of view about the role that the Mètode plays in science dissemination.

Furthermore, visitors will be able to participate in the contest ‘Tus porqués’ by sending their scientific questions and doubts and the journal will be in charge to answer them through their experts in the section ‘Los porqués de Mètode’.  Among the participants five annual subscriptions will be raffled.   

The inauguration of the exhibition will take place the Thursday 16th of May at 8 p.m. in the ‘Sala Oberta’ of La Nau, where will be displayed until the 15th of September. Before the inauguration act, the ‘Aula Magna’ will host at 7p.m. the conference ‘El futuro de la alimentación’ in charge of Pere Puigdomènech, which belongs to the series of conferences ‘Los grandes retos de la ciencia’ organised by Mètode and the ‘Escola Europea Lluís Vives’. Pere Puigdomènech, professor of research in the Research Centre in ‘Agrigenòmica’ (CSIC-IRTA-UAB-UB), was the coordinator of the 100 issue of Mètode, dedicated to the challenges of science.

The activities commemorating the 100th number of Mètode are part of the scheduling of the Cultural Centre La Nau of the Universitat de València on the occasion of its 20th anniversary and the 520th anniversary of the Universitat de València.

100 issues disseminating science

Climate change, genetics, physics, artificial intelligence, medicine, etc. are some of the main points with which the journal has dealt. The journal was born in 1922 and Olga Dénia headed it. Currently, it is headed by the journalist and biologist Martí Domíngez, who has been the director since 1998.  Edited by the Vice-principal office for Research of the Universitat de València, the journal has focused on analysing and disseminating the different scientific research areas and it has created an interactive space between sciences and humanities. An interaction in which not only the experts in sciences participate, but also experts in art, philosophy, sociology, history and literature.

The Journal is edited every three months in Catalan and in Spanish, and each year in a yearbook in English, Mètode Science Studies Journal, which has been classified among the main databases and impact rates. With regard to the hard-copy publication, Mètode has had an important and increasing presence on the Internet and on Social Media, and a dissemination book collection has been published, whose 10th volume is being prepared.

Among the awards that the journal has received since its creation, The 2006 Ciencia en Acción Award for Dissemination Works is one of the most highlighted ones, apart from the 2007 APPEC Award for the best publication, the 2009 Prisma Especial del Jurat Award, the 2014 Sacyr Award for Innovation or the 2008 Ciencia en Acción Especial de Jurat.