La Nau hosts an exhibition that visibilises how reality is perceived through schizophrenia

  • Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society
  • December 2nd, 2019
‘Paradís del somnàmbul’. Miguel Borrego.
‘Paradís del somnàmbul’. Miguel Borrego.

On Monday 2nd December, at 7 p.m., the Sala Oberta of La Nau Cultural Centre of the Universitat de València hosted the opening of the exhibition Paradís del sonàmbul (Sleepwalker’s Paradise) by Miguel Borrego , which will remain open to the public until Sunday 26th January. This multidisciplinary project, which combines sculpture with painting and drawing, is commissioned by Alberto Ruiz de Samaniego and produced by Miguel Borrego.

Paradís del sonàmbul (Sleepwalker's Paradise) is a genuine and personal artistic proposal that starts from the knowledge and the encounter with artistic expressions of a group of people who suffer from different psychotic and schizo-affective disorders. Miguel Borrego, through a dialogue conducted in mutual agreement with some of these "mental patients", develops plastic proposals that enable the possible reconstruction of the memories of patients with schizophrenia through drawing. This, therefore, is an experimental project that attempts to summon that metaphor of meaning and its impermanence, which survives and is articulated in oblivion and in the processes of memory burnout.

Based on two fundamental axes, illness and memory, Borrego creates more than 42 artistic works that, in a multidisciplinary way - through drawing, painting and the sculptural object - try to recall those experiences perceived as images, images that are found between reality and daydreaming. Thus, the artist captures how a "mentally ill" conceives the world around him, a world that, according to the testimonies collected by Borrego, belong to another reality.

Miguel Borrego, who has been exhibiting his works since 1999, has won several awards such as the 18th Painting Prize of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Valencia (2017), the First Prize for Sculpture at the Meliana Biennial (2017) or the First Prize at the 26th Vila de Paterna Biennial of Painting (2018). In addition, his work can be found in numerous private and public collections belonging to institutions such as the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Carlos of Valencia, the San Pío V Museum of Fine Arts in Valencia, the National Library of Spain or the Spanish Royal Academy in Rome.

Paradís del sonàmbul (Sleepwalker's Paradise) is part of the Nau Social programme, a socio-educational intervention project that promotes participation and social inclusion through art and culture as useful instruments of social integration and cohesion, generators of dialogue, personal enrichment, artistic creativity and knowledge.

Borrego’s exhibition proposal fits perfectly with the values and objectives defended from Nau Social, since, with this work, the artist brings us closer, from an inclusive and cohesive perspective, to experiences narrated by testimonies with a fragile and distorted memory.

On the occasion of the exhibition, a meticulous catalogue has been compiled with the works of the artist Miguel Borrego and a specialised study on contemporary art and its relationship with schizophrenia by Professor Alberto Ruiz de Samaniego.