La Nau hosts a conference on artificial and natural intelligence

  • Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society
  • March 11st, 2020
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The Cultural Centre La Nau of the Universitat de València welcomed on Tuesday 10 March at 19:00 José Hernández-Orallo, full university professor from the department of Computer Systems and Computing of the Universitat Politècnica de València to give a conference titled 'The undiscovered artificial and natural intelligence: metrologists, cartographers and taxonomists wanted', within the cycle La Segunda Digitalización (The second digitalisation) that takes place during 2020 in La Nau. José Hernández Orallo, also Doctor in Logic and Philosophy of the Universitat de València, discussed three challenges that we are not facing nowadays: to measure, compare and harmonize the use of the natural intelligence with the artificial one; to obtain maps to locate prospective trajectories in a new space of cognitive abilities; and how to establish taxonomies based on behaviour in order to understand the new diversity which drives digital artefacts and its increasing interaction with human beings. The celebration took place in the Aula Magna room at La Nau. It was free-entrance and had limited capacity.

José Hernández-Orallo is also member of the Valencian Research Institute of Artificial Intelligence (VRAIN) and researcher in artificial intelligence and Associate Fellow in the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence of the Cambridge University. He obtained a PhD in Logic and Philosophy with an extraordinary prize in the Universitat de València. In the last two decades, he has been investigating on all the ways of measuring any kind of intelligence, in a wide sense, beyond the Turing test and other tests in artificial intelligence. Also beyond psychometric and of intelligent tests to be applied in human beings, animals and robotics and software devices. 

Since then he has been looking for alternatives less anthropocentric to generally evaluate intelligence. His most recent book, 'The measure of all minds' (published by Cambridge University Press) won the Prose Award 2018 of the Association of American Publishers and tackles an integrated vision of the evaluation of natural and artificial intelligence. 

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