The jury of the XXV Mostra art públic / universitat pública announces the twelve chosen projects

  • Information and Promotion Service for Students (Sedi)
  • June 2nd, 2022
From left to right, Lydia Frasquet, Alba Braza, Ester Alba and David Pérez.
From left to right, Lydia Frasquet, Alba Braza, Ester Alba and David Pérez.

The projects by Monica Mura, Laura Salguero, David Cantarero Tomás, Cris Bartual, Eduardo Lamparero (sue975), María Tena Torres, Lucía Blas, Escif + brilloysabor, María Esteve, Cachito Vallés, Miquel Ponce and Javier R. Pérez-Curiel have been the twelve projects chosen to participate in the XXV Mostra art públic / universitat pública, which will take place at the Universitat de València in October and November 2022.

The jury of the XXV Mostra art públic / universitat pública is comprised of Lydia Frasquet, doctor in History of Art; David Pérez, full university professor of "Keys to contemporary artistic discourse” at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV); Ester Alba, Vice-Principal for Culture and Society of the Universitat de València; and Alba Braza, commissioner of the Mostra.

The twelve chosen projects, from among the 54 that were submitted to this year’s call, bring theories like the Fibonacci sequence, the entropy law, Newton's law of universal gravitation or the uncertainty principle to the image and representation field. Other proposals work on the observation of nature to transform it into narrative and fictional images or analyse the Universitat de València from an equality perspective to bring to light the economic and social inequalities from the contemporary world. Among the formats used, the treatment of digital images and the experimentation with stereoscopy and installation stand out. Various departments of the Universitat de València participate in the process of creation of the works.

In particular, the proposals chosen by the jury are the following:

  • DONES I HOMES en la Universitat de València (WOMEN AND MEN at the Universitat de València), by Monica Mura.
  • Una vez extinguidas las llamas... (Once the flames are extinguished...), by Laura Salguero.
  • Tecnofósiles (serie): Tecnofósil I y II (Gorrondatxe) / Tecnofósil III y IV (Marjal dels Moros), (Technofossils [series]: Technofossil I and II [Gorrondatxe] / Technofossil III and IV [Marjal dels Moros]) by David Cantarero Tomás.
  • Arqueologia de la imatge (Archaeology of the image), by Cris Bartual.
  • La teoría y el todo (The theory and the everything), by María Tena Torres.
  • revelar(se) (To develop and to rebel), by Lucía Blas.
  • inflacion (Inflation), by Escif + brilloysabor
  • La impronta del paisaje (The footprint of landscape), by María Esteve.
  • INTERSECTION, by Cachito Vallés.
  • Seqüència (Sequence), by Miquel Ponce.
  • UN CUERPO (A BODY), by Javier R. Pérez-Curiel.

Each artist will receive 2,000 euros to execute and exhibit their work during the XXV Mostra art públic that will be hosted at the Burjassot Campus from October 3rd to October 28th, and at the Blasco Ibañez Campus from October 21st to November 18th under the commission of Alba Braza, expert in public art projects and artistic mediation.

The Mostra art públic / universitat pública is an initiative of the Universitat de València promoted by the Delegate for Students in cooperation with Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society. Its main objective is to bring art closer to campuses, turning them into meeting points between contemporary art and the university community. With this objective, twelve ephemeral artistic projects are chosen. These projects reflect on the approach of contemporary art to social and human sciences, turning them into triggers of other cross-disciplinary knowledge. The event is organised by the SeDi Information and Promotion Service.