Josu Sánchez, winner of the Physics Faculty's Day of Light photography competition

  • Press Office
  • May 21st, 2021
Xano Birrefringent, the winning work.
Xano Birrefringent, the winning work.

Josu Sánchez Martín, Mauricio Morais, Pablo Mateu, and Raquel Niclòs have won the first prizes in the photographic competition organised by the University's Faculty of Physics on the occasion of the International Day of Light.

Josu Sánchez Martín won first prize for his work Xano Birrefringent. The second prize was shared 'ex-aequo' between Mauricio Morais de Lima for the work Majestuoso arcoíris doble sobre la Ciudad de las Artes y de la Ciencia; and Pablo Mateu Hoyos for the work Valencia invertida.The third prize went to Raquel Niclòs for her work Ombres, reflexió, refracció i dispersió.

The jury valued the quality of the photographs, the explanation of the optical phenomenon in question and its relationship with everyday elements and experiences.

All the photographs that took part in the competition will soon be posted on the website of the educational innovation group

The Faculty of Physics celebrated the International Day of Light with a photography competition, organised by the "Inter-University Network of Educational Innovation for the Teaching of Physics: Optics", coordinated by Professor Pas García Martínez, and the València Local Section of the Royal Spanish Physics Society (RSEF).

International Day of Light is celebrated on 16 May and is an international event administered by UNESCO's International Basic Science Programme. The day commemorates the first emission of laser light on 16 May 1960, obtained by Theodore Maiman with a ruby laser. It is precisely the laser that is a paradigmatic example of how a scientific discovery provides revolutionary tools for the global benefit of society, in communications, health technologies and many other applications in multiple fields.

Both students and teaching staff took part in the photography competition. The jury of the competition was formed by Professor Ana Cros, president of the València Local Section of the Spanish Royal Society of Physics and professor of the Department of Applied Physics, and by the professors of the Department of Optics and Optometry and Vision Sciences, Eugenio Roldán and Fernando Silva.

The awards have been funded by the Educational Innovation Project UV-SFPIE_PID19-1096113 ("La Tenda de la Universitat" gift cards) and by the València Local Section of the RSEF, which grants a year's subscription to the RSEF.