Josep Maria Jordan Galduf and the Publications Services of the Universitat: Vicent Ventura Awards 2022

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  • March 8th, 2022
Josep Maria Jordan Galduf.
Josep Maria Jordan Galduf.

The full university professor, now retired, Josep Maria Jordan Galduf and the Publications Services of the Universitat de València (PUV) will receive the Vicent Ventura Award of 2022. The award, which consists of a ceramic by Xavier Montsalvatje, was established by the Universitat de València in 1998, the year of the death of the journalist, politician, and civic activist Vicent Ventura.

The organizing committee has considered that both Jordan Galduf and the PUV, that celebrates its centenary, “have distinguished themselves for their civic trajectory and the commitment with the culture and language of the Valencian Country”, as stated in the rules.

The organizing committee and the award jury are made up by the Universitat de València, the Universitat Jaume I, CCOO, STEPV, UGT, the Union of Farmers and Stockbreeders, the Union of Valencian Journalists and by people with a close relationship with Vicent Ventura.

Josep Maria Jordan Galduf was born in Llíria (1950) and was the first democratic mayor of the city (1979-1981). Full university professor in Applied Economics of the Universitat de València until his retirement who published several scientific papers. Was an activist in social and cultural movements of his region, Camp de Túria, the leading figure of Jordan Galduf has been considered by the organizing committee as worthy of the 2022 Vicent Ventura Award.

From his adolescence he participated in civic movements and in progressive Christian groups, until he became mayor of Llíria with the Communist Party. Josep Maria Jordan Galduf met Vicent Ventura during the years that the journalist lived in Llíra. In this sense, in his book ‘Cartes a Judes’ he left his portrait: “A committed person who was coherent with his ideas, but not dogmatic at all. The loyalty, the ethical imperative and the passion for the Valencian Country were his essential characteristics. And he had great affectivity and sensibility for what they did, above all he was a good and a dear man”.

For its part, the PUV has gain great professional prestige in the field of academic and scientific publication. The committee also took in consideration two other merits which are directly in line with the profile of persons and institutions that have been awarded year after year. On one hand, the strong social repercussion of the PUV’s work with a clear desire to spread culture and science beyond the university world. Either with it’s own programmes or in collaboration with other prestigious institutions. On the other, the fact that the PUV has become in a leading institution in the consolidation of our language as an indisputable vehicle for the spread of knowledge at all the levels.  

Finally, the fact that the UPV has recently celebrated a hundred years of activity, that has increased in the las decades, is a good occasion to connect it to the figure of Vicent Ventura, medal of the Universitat de València and indefatigable fighter for the linguistic rights of the Valencian Country and for the complete opening of the access to knowledge for everyone in every social class, without exclusions or discriminations.

The ceremony will take place in the Aula Magna of the Nau on the 1st of December.

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