Jesús Conill presents at La Nau his book 'Nietzsche against Habermas. Genealogies of reason'

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  • January 18th, 2023
A moment during the book presentation.
A moment during the book presentation.

Professor of Moral and Political Philosophy at the University of Valencia Jesús Conill presented on Monday, January 16 his book 'Nietzsche against Habermas. Genealogies of reason'. The event, organized by the European School of Thought Lluís Vives, took place at the Centre Cultural la Nau, chaired by the rector, Mavi Mestre.

The book analyzes the confrontation between the genealogy of bodily reason and that of communicative reason. In his last step, Habermas explicitly discovers that in the origins of reason we find the religious imagination and that the traces of the sacred persist even in modern reason, the motivational deficit of which reclaims religious bonds.

Both Nietzsche and Habermas reconstruct the historical gestation of the reason based on life experience and its progress through learning processes, which have led to a rationalized religion in Habermas' perspective and to a tragic experience in Nietzsche's cultural diagnosis.

Also taking part in the presentation ceremony, as well as the author, were Adela Cortina, former professor of Moral and Political Philosophy; Domingo García-Marzá, professor at the University Jaume I; and Enrique Bonete, professor at the University of Salamanca.

Jesús Conill is Professor of Moral Philosophy and Politics at the University of Valencia. In 1976, he was professor of Philosophy at the INEM. He extended his studies and research at the universities of Munich, Bonn, Frankfurt a.M. (Germany), St. Gallen (Switzerland) and Notre Dame (USA). In addition, he is a member of the Board of Trustees and technical advisor of the Ethics in Business and Organizations Foundation (ÉTNOR) and co-director of the permanent seminar 'Economic and Business Ethics' of the Étnor Foundation since 1994. He is a founding member of the Ethics, Economics and Management Association (EBEN) Spain and a member of the Xavier Zubiri research seminar.

Conill is the author of several books, such as 'Corporeal intimacy and the human person. From Nietzsche to Ortega and Zubiri', 'The enigma of the fantastic animal, 'The power of lies', 'Nietzsche and the transvaluation policy', 'ethical economics Horizons' and ' hermeneutical Ethics ', all published by Editorial Tecnos, Madrid.

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