IX Edition of the Human Nutrition and Dietetics Students Congress

  • Office of the Principal
  • March 4th, 2022

Participants were able to enjoy presentations, posters and debates at the congress organised by ADINU, the Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists of the Universitat de València.

The Darwin Hall of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Universitat de València has hosted the IX Edition of the Human Nutrition and Dietetics Students Congress. 2 days of lectures, posters, dialogues and workshops, promoted by the Association of University Dietitians and Nutritionists, ADINU.  The activities began on the morning of 3rd March and lasted until Friday 4th, the day on which the conference closed with the distribution of prizes and the closing ceremony.

Hortensia Rico, dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Mª Cruz Manzaneque, secretary of CodinuCoVa, took part in the inauguration. Then, Juan Llorca started the presentations with "A different school canteen is possible" and, in second place, María Asensio with the topic "Diabetes, what do I do as a nutritionist".  Moreover, different degree, master's and doctoral students participated in the oral communications and posters presentation, giving them the opportunity to make themselves known and perform on a stage presenting their work and research activities.

The principal of the Universitat de València, M. Vicenta Mestre, did not want to miss the opportunity to greet the congress’ participants, wished them a great use of it and also congratulated the organisers for this great initiative that strengthens the transmission of knowledge acquired in the classroom.

Among the activities, Neus Elcacho gave a talk on “Emotions and food”, and Alejandra Schvartz gave a talk on "Vegan food and organisation in the kitchen", in which she made two vegan recipes live.

The second day was accompanied by great speakers such as Juan Revenga and Javier Sánchez, who talked about oils, nutrition and science; the history and myths behind vegetable fats.

In turn, Ander Iglesias presented his presentation on nutritional education and the mechanism for putting theory into practice. Following this presentation, Dany Faccio presented the topic: The gluten-free diet, beyond eating gluten-free.

To end the IX Edition of the Human Nutrition and Dietetics Students Congress, Hadia Bakkali presented her paper on the stigma of weight in the nutrition clinic and how this affects the health of patients. Afterwards, Carlos Ruiz closed the presentations, offering the attendees the 92 simple steps to achieve success as a dietitian-nutritionist.