High participation in the first post-pandemic blood donation promotion week

  • Information and Promotion Service for Students (Sedi)
  • March 10th, 2022
Student promoters at Els Tarongers campus
Student promoters at Els Tarongers campus

The first post-pandemic blood donation promotion week at the Universitat de València was a success with more than 450 people donating blood at the donation points located on the three campuses. This initiative, organized by the SeDi information and Promotion Service in collaboration with the Transfusion Centre of the Valencian Community, counts on the participation of students who collaborate as promoters among the university community.

In each campus, 253 people donated at Blasco Ibáñez, 241 at Burjassot and, 161 at Tarongers. It is worth mentioning that 191 donners of the total had done it for the first time thanks to the information provided by the promoters of this activity. This figures have been valued very positively by the organizers given that, although the donation has been a little lower compared to 2020, when all the records were broken, it is the first initiative of these characteristics to be taken up again in a pandemic period.

The awareness campaign has enabled around forty students of the University to receive specialized formation that provided them with the necessary tools and skills to know how blood donation works and to be able to resolve any doubts that potential donors may have.

From this point on, under the slogan “One donation, three lives”, the Week for the promotion of blood donation was launched by the student promoters that installed information points on the different campuses, spreading the importance of this gesture that does not involve any risks and that can save the lives of many people. Finally, during the first week of March donations took place on the University`s campuses.

It should be remembered that, throughout the year the Transfusion Centre of the Valencian Community visits the campuses of the Universitat de València to facilitate the blood donation by members of the university community.