The fourth and fifth volumes of the Complete Works of Joan Fuster, presented in the Nau

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  • January 18th, 2023
Covers of the new volumes.
Covers of the new volumes.

On Wednesday, January 18, the Aula Magna of the Cultural Center La Nau of the University of Valencia hosted the presentation of 'Language and literature, I: from the origins to the renaissance' and 'Language and literature, II: contemporary era', fourth and fifth volumes of the Complete Works of Joan Fuster, co-published by the University of Valencia, the Institution Alfons el Magnànim and Edition 62.

These latest volumes of the Complete Works of Joan Fuster, edited by Antoni Furió and Josep Palàcios, bring together the academic studies of the great writer from Sueca; in particular, they group together the historical summary of Catalan poetry that Fuster published in 1956, his studies of literary history on the classics of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque, and the treatise on literary criticism  of the contemporary Catalan poetry (1972). Also included are Fuster's prologues to the editions of the works of Joan Salvat-Papasseit, Salvador Espriu, Josep Pla and Vicent Andrés Estellés, which constitute authentic studies on these authors -in many cases, impossible to find until now- by an indispensable and unrepeatable writer.

The event was attended by Teresa Ferrer, director of Publications University of Valencia; Vicent Flor, director of the Institution Alfons el Magnànim; Antoni Furió, professor of Medieval History at the University of Valencia and curator of the Complete Works, and Jordi Cornudella, editor of Editions 62.

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