Four Startups of the Universitat de València awarded in the 5UCV contest of the Department of Sustainable Economy

  • Press Office
  • November 5th, 2020
Guardonats de la Universitat de València.
Guardonats de la Universitat de València.

Four of the six projects presented by the Entrepreneurship Unit of the Universitat de València (UVEntrepreneurships) have been awarded in the 5UCV Startup contest, an initiative by the Department of Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labour and the Universitat de València, through the office of the Vice-Principal of Employment and Training Programmes.

The purpose of this year’s 5UCV contest call was to recognise the best entrepreneurial initiatives that have emerged within the five Valencian public universities, divided into two categories: the Startup category, in which enterprises with a maximum of three years’ experience participate, and the Junior category, in which people with an innovative and commercially viable initiative take part.

Two projects of the Universitat de València have been recognized in the Startup category. The second award went to Doitplenotic SL, a project by Ángel Tolosa Ruiz, Manuel Martínez Corral and Genaro Saavedra Tortosa, researchers at the Department of Optics of the Faculty of Physics (UV). Doitplonic designs, produces and commercializes 3D plenoptic cameras, as well as the software that processes, displays and analyses those images. With this technology, transforming a conventional microscope into a 3D digital microscope is easy and possible.
For its part, the third award of the Startup category went to Arthex Biotech SL, an enterprise integrated by Beatriz Llamusí Troísi and Rubén Artero Allepuz. Arthex Biotech is bringing about RNA advanced therapy to develop a drug which combats myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1), a highly incapacitating rare disease with genetic origin that places a major burden for the health systems.

In terms of the Junior category, the fourth award went to Ed-Lika, a project conducted by Sara Belarbi Muñoz that consists in an intelligent assistant which makes use of an algorithm to provide support to adult education in a user-oriented way. Furthermore, it encourages individualization and bidirectionality.

In the same category, the fifth award went to Yummy, the first fresh food robot in Spain. The robot is capable of autonomously preparing healthy and personalised dishes anywhere at any time, with a single click and using 100% natural ingredients. Yummy is a project emerged in the 2020’s edition of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Europe: A Berkeley Startup Bootcamp, developed by María Rodríguez García, Ximo Mira Oliver and Pablo Martínez Hernández. What’s more, it has been selected to take part in the Startup Clinic Program organized by the University of California-Berkeley.

In this way, out of the eight projects awarded in both categories, the half have been postponed by the Entrepreneurship Unit of the Universitat de València (UVEntrepreneurships). The remaining winners were, in the Startup category, 3D Surgical Technologies (Miguel Hernández University) and in the Junior category, Químsil (Universitat d’Alacant), Silocomo (University of Alacant) and Método Confam (Miguel Hernández University).