Former minister Josep Piqué gives a conference at La Nau on Europe’s future

  • Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society
  • December 19th, 2019
Josep Piqué.
Josep Piqué.

This Wednesday, 18th December, the former Partido Popular minister Josep Piqué will give a keynote speech at La Nau Cultural Centre of the Universitat de València in homage to Manuel Marín, President of the European Commission in 1999 and promoter of the Erasmus programme, who passed away in December 2017. The conference, which takes the title of the last book published by the former minister, El mundo que nos viene, is part of the cycle 'Las razones de Europa', by the Escola Europea de Pensament Lluís Vives, and will be held at 6 p.m. in the Paraninfo of La Nau Cultural Centre of the Universitat de València. Free entrance until full capacity.

In the conference, following his book El mundo que nos viene. Retos, desafíos y esperanzas del siglo XXI, Josep Piqué will carry out a panoramic analysis of the evolution of international relations in a fragile and changing geopolitical scenario. This scenario is characterised by a divided European Union after a debatable management of the euro crisis, with China on its way to becoming one of the world's top powers, Russia trying to recover its former influence and the United States led by an isolationist president, while the Arab-Muslim world is torn between an accumulation of sectarian wars. Faced with this scenario, Piqué maintains the thesis of what he calls “neo-western synthesis”: the world would not turn towards the classic conflict-based substitution of a decadent power for an emerging one. But it would turn towards a new order in which eastern economic and demographic strength would coexist with current Western values.

El mundo que nos viene continues the programme of the cycle 'Las razones de Europa', of the Escola Europea de Pensament Lluís Vives, which previously hosted a conference by the economist Álvaro Anchelo on Brexit and the round table El futuro de Europa en tu universidad.

Josep Piqué is one of the most outstanding political leaders in our country.  In the public sphere, he has been Minister of Industry and Energy, Minister Spokesman of the Government, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Science and Technology, in several Spanish Governments between 1996 and 2003.

In his long and renowned professional career in the private sector, he has held, among other positions, the executive president of the Ercros Group, president of Vueling and vice-president and CEO of the OHL Group. He is currently President of ITP Aero and a Board Member of Amadeus, Abengoa and Seat.

The Escola de Pensament Lluís Vives is a cultural project, promoted by the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Sport and with the management of the General Foundation of the Universitat de València, which is shaped as a space for reflection and participatory and critical debate on current issues.  The Escola has the participation of other actors from public administration and civil society: Presidency of the Generalitat, Valencia City Council, Regional Department of Transparency and Education, Participation and Cooperation, Regional Department of Education, Research, Culture and Sport, Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua, Alfons el Magnànim Institute, Escola Europea d’Humanitats and Caixa Popular.