The Faculty of Law organises a conference on the reversal of public services and subrogation of staff

  • Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit
  • October 4th, 2021
Faculty of Law of the University of Valencia.
Faculty of Law of the University of Valencia.

The Ignacio Albiol room of the Faculty of Law of the University of Valencia (UV) hosts this Monday, October 4, from 9.15 am, a day in which 12 specialists will analyse the situation of workers in reversion of services. The session is organised by the Valencian Association of Local Administration Personnel Technicians (AVTPAL) and the Association of Professional Associations of Secretaries, Auditors and Treasurers of Local Administration (COSITAL) and the UV. The day is free, and to participate you must register at

The Faculty of Law is hosting a free conference this Monday, “Corporate Social Responsibility and Subrogation of Workers in Public Procurement” in which the situation of “staff to be terminated” will be analysed: the change in working conditions or the role of the Administration, among others.

The event will be opened by the president of COSITAL, Vanesa Felip; the general director of Social Dialogue Coordination and professor of Constitutional Law, Zulima Pérez; the president of AVTPAL, Mila Ortiz; and the doctor of Labour Law and Social Security of the University of Valencia, Adrián Todolí.

Also, Sergio Yagüe, PhD in Labor Law and Social Security, will explain what is the subrogation of workers and Amparo Esteve, professor of the same department, will explain the situation of these staff after the subrogation. This first part of the conference will end with José Luis Serrano, Deputy Secretary of the City Council of Riba-Roja, who will talk about the role of the Public Administration.

After the break, Adrían Todolí will analyse the different cases of reversal of existing public services in the Valencian Community: hospitals in Alzira and Torrevieja, Divalterra, among others. In addition, his colleague, Professor José María Goerlich, will explain the situation of workers in case of reversal and with the staff to be extinguished, the characteristics of this working state and the possibilities for change that exist.

The conference will end with a round table in which social agents will discuss the application of Social Responsibility. The debate will be moderated by the editor in chief of the digital newspaper Valencia Plaza, Estefania Pastor, and will have the participation of the Business Confederation of the Valencian Community, Paco Caballero, Secretary of Local Administration and Services of the Valencian Community of UGT and Dani Patiño, representative of CC.OO.