The Faculty of Geography and History holds an exhibition on the comic as a didactic resource for the democratic memory

  • Press Office
  • October 10th, 2019
Exposition's poster detail.
Exposition's poster detail.

‘Imágenes de la memoria democrática: el cómic como recurso didáctico’ is the title of an exhibition that can be visited in the Faculty of Geography and History’s hall of the Universitat de València. The exhibition has been opened coinciding with the start of a course about democratic memory.

The exhibition, which will be open until the end of the year, commemorates historical events (the Spanish Civil War, dictatorship...) through comic images. It is an activity organized by the History and Democratic Memory Room of the Universitat de València and the Cefire Humanístic i Social, with the collaboration of the Inter-university Chair of Democratic Memory of the Valencian Community, the UV Aula of the Comic, the Historical Provincial Archive of Alacant and the Faculty of Geography and History.

The exhibition brings together in nine panels and eight introductory posters to the work of five creators (Altarriba, Sento, Paco Roca, José Pablo García and Jordi Peidró) who have generously donated their artwork to create an exhibition that takes into account the curricular contents worked on in the classrooms.

War, exile and Francoism are the axes that articulate the panels.  The exhibition has available travelling copies for the centres.