The Faculty of Economics hosts a workshop on the sugary drinks tax

  • October 5th, 2022
Sugary drinks

On Friday 7 October, the Faculty of Economics will hold a workshop on the sugary drinks tax with the aim of presenting the economic impact of this tax figure, as well as generating debate around it.

The presentation day will start on Friday 7 October at 9:30 a.m. in the Ignasi Villalonga Villalba Hall of the Faculty of Economics (first floor). The opening will be given by Francisco Muñoz Murgui, Dean of the Faculty of Economics; Rafael Beneyto Cabanes, Director-General of Taxes and Gambling of the Valencian Government; and Amadeo Fuenmayor Fernández, Director of the Chair of Regional Taxation.

This will be followed by a round table discussion with Marta Espasa Queralt, Secretary of Finance of the Government of Catalonia and Isaura Navarro Casillas, Regional Secretary for Public Health and the Public Health System of the Valencian Government.

The second part of the workshop will consist of two papers. The first one will be given by Judit Vall, from the University of Barcelona and member of the IEB (Barcelona Institute of Economics), who will address the evaluation of the Catalan tax on sugar-sweetened beverages.

Afterwards, Ángeles Pla Vall, from the Universitat de València, will address the possibilities and limitations of taxation on sugary drinks. 

Finally, the workshop will be brought to a close.

This meeting is part of the series of workshops organised by the Universitat de València, the Department of Applied Economics of the UV Faculty of Economics, the Department of Finance and Economic Model of the Valencian Government, the Chair of Regional Taxation and its research group EvalPub.

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