Exhibition at the Faculty of Geography and History approaches the reality of the Mercats Agroecòlogics implemented in the University

  • Office of the Vice-Principal Sustainability, Cooperation and Healthy Life
  • May 29th, 2023
Image of the exhibition at the Faculty of Geography and History
Image of the exhibition at the Faculty of Geography and History

The Faculty of Geography and History hosts the photo exhibition ‘Del Camp al Campus’ which can be visited until 15 June in the centre’s hall. It is a photographic reflection and a closer look at the life projects that come together in the Campus Markets of the University of Valencia. The exhibition intends to highlight the work of the local farmers that provide to the university community the outcome of their work every week. Faced with the models of depersonalisation and massification of consumption imposed by the large shopping centres, this exhibition intends to make known the faces and effort of those who bring the outcome of their sustainable projects every week to the University.

This images convey compromise with the earth, local production and the firm intend of decarbonisation.

The exhibition was inaugurated on 26 May by the vice-principal of Sustainability, Cooperation and Healthy Life, Pilar Serra. She highlighted that the University’s work goes beyond teaching, research and dissemination, and it is a great opportunity to bring closer tradition, history and environmental care to not only the university community, but also to the social environment.  The Faculty dean, Josep Montesinos stressed the importance of recovering the garden, the disappearance of which endangers not only the environment and the historical configuration of the city but also the continuity of entities such as the Tribunal de les Aigües.

Enric Guinot, director of the Cátedra de l’Horta, pointed out the markets’ evolution since the first implantation study in the University and Sergio Belda, co-director of the Cátedra, stressed the partnership of the different people involved in the project.

Antoni Merelles, dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Podiatry, announced that it is being studied how to involve the student body in training programmes on campus, and highlighted his interest in holding the exhibition in his Faculty soon.

Meanwhile, the farmers valued the initiative and pointed out that they bring from the countryside to the campuses not only their products, but the reality of the family economy’s abuse, social inclusion and commitment with society and with the environment.

The exhibition can be visited until 15 June at the Faculty of Geography and History and it will move to different faculties throughout the academic year.