Ending of the 19th Edition of the course “Qui pot ser empresari?” of the Chair for Business Culture

  • Office of the Principal
  • May 9th, 2018
Estudiantes y profesores de Qui pot ser empresari?

The principal of the Universitat de València, Maria Vicenta Mestre, has presided over the closing ceremony of the current year with the president of Baleària and academic director of the course, Adolfo Utor, president of the Board of the Chair for Business Culture, Carlos Pascual, and the president of Adeit-Foundation Universitat Empresa, Juan Manuel Pérez Mira.

During the closing ceremony of this edition, the diploma has been awarded to 43 students of degrees y postgraduated studies of the Universitat de València and part of the 29 professors that have participated in their training. The Teaching staff of Qui pot ser empresari? is composed of many directors of leading companies included in the board of Chair for Business Culture.

The principal, Maria Vicenta Mestre, has emphasized the importance of the chair that offers the students the possibility of training in transversal competences. In addition, she expressed appreciation for the participation of students and professors in Qui pot ser empresari?. She emphasised that the positive results of the chair are because of the work and direct involvement of all members.

The president of the Chair for Business Culture, Carlos Pascual de Miguel, had emphasized the role of the Chair to connect the University with the business world. The president of ADEIT, Juan Carlos Pérez Mira, has confirmed that the course Qui pot ser empresari? “is in the middle of the essence that the Adeit Foundation represents”.

The free course Qui pot ser empresari? was born in 2000 with the aim to bring closer university students to the bussines world and promote the entrepreneurship through training with directors and entrepreneurs of distinguished institutions.