Els blogs de Mètode: A new outreach portal

  • Mètode
  • May 20th, 2022
Els blogs de Mètode

The Mètode magazine of the Universitat de València opened its portal ‘Els blogs de Mètode’, a new science outreach space. The portal was created with the objective of fostering direct communication between the scientific and the research communities and the public. The two first blogs on the site are: ‘Univers Violent’ and ‘Quaderns de muntanya’ (‘Violent Univers’ and ‘Mountain notebooks’, respectively).

Manel Perucho, professor of the Faculty of Physics of the University of Valencia and astrophysics researcher is in charge of ‘Univers Violent’. Since we obtain information about the cosmos, this will be one of the main axis, even though Manel Perucho affirms that ‘only time will tell us which way’ will take us to the ‘violent universe’. If you wish to know more about this, read the first blog entry: Univers Violent: Un blog (més?) de divulgació?

‘Quaderns de muntanya’ will bring us closer to two of the passions of Francesc Rodríguez: mountains and nature. On this blog we have collected some of the articles that were already published by its author on the Mètode webpage. However, we have new approaches that suggest looking at nature in a more calm and peaceful manner. Read here the blog entry of March: Bolets de prat.

Do you want to have your own blog?

‘Els blogs de Mètode’ are an open space to those people who wish to spread their field of knowledge, reflect on current scientific issues or who are looking for a common place with the public. If you wish to become a member of the Mètode blog community and you have a vocation for spreading information, send us an e-mail and tell us about your proposal at web@metode.cat

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