Do we talk about art?

  • Information and Promotion Service for Students (Sedi)
  • March 28th, 2019

This initiative has the purpose of giving a voice and management capacity to the students of the Universitat de València who are willing to organise activities in order to discuss topics related to visual arts, performing arts, architecture and literature.

Parlem d’art reaches its 5th edition widening its scope, so that it integrates any type of artistic debate, bringing together the largest number of disciplines and initiatives.  The idea on which the project is based consists in promoting dissemination and analysis activities on the contemporary culture while the students of the Universitat de València enjoy a first-hand experience about how an event is organised. They discover from the development of the idea, the budget, the room management, the dissemination of the event to its completion, in other words, every step that must be taken and that allow the act to take place.  It is a double learning. On the one hand, the academic experience; on the other hand, the organisation of an event.

Any student (degree student, master’s degree student or PhD student) enrolled in the Universtitat de València for the scholar year 2018-1019 can participate in this event.  The submitted proposals consist in conferences, debates, speeches, conferences, round tables, seminars or any format adequate for the purpose of the convocation.  The selected projects will be carried out in the facilities and buildings of the Universitat de València and each of the selected works could obtain a maximum strength of 1,000 euros.

Parlem d’art is an action promoted by the SeDi Information and Promotion Service.  The deadline for the applications  expires on 6th of May of 2019 at 2.00 p.m. and the selected activities will be developed over the next semester (October-December) of 2019.


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