Departments of romance languages analyse the comparative perspective in linguistic and literary studies

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  • February 7th, 2023
Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication.
Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication.

Departments of romance languages -Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Latin- of the Universitat de València have organised a conference on romance perspective in linguistic and literary studies. The conference takes place on Thursday (9th February) in the hall of degrees of the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication.

According to the lecturer Emili Casanova, one of the persons who organised the conference, the objective “is raise awareness among students and teaching staff of the fact that a global, comparative vision of romance languages cannot be put aside, since the functioning of a language can help to understand the mechanisms and factors that explain the evolution and characteristics of each language”.


The cultural and literary unit of the European and Romance Middle Ages (sources, ways of thinking...) is also intended to be shown. They need a broad view so as to understand the idea, style and tendencies of any literature.


The conference will include an exhibition promoted by the Library of Humanities, for highlighting an extensive, convergent and romance bibliography, which can open new perspectives to students.


Sessions will be opened at 9, a half an hour after, the lecturer Rafael Beltrán will speak about “Latin, Catalan and Spanish riddles”. Throughout the day, the talks of Ricardo Hernández, Amparo Ricós, Evelio Miñano, Salvador Pons, Santiago Vicente, Maria Rosa Álvarez, Manuel Badal, Jordi Casany and Josep E. Rubio will take place.


The entire program, clicking here.

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