The debates of ‘Generació Jove’ of the Universitat and the IVAJ start today with a conference of the coordinator of the Reina Sofía Centre

  • October 24th, 2016
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The Universitat de València, through the Vice-principal for Culture and Equity and the IVAJ (Valencian Institute for the Youth) started during the last academic year ‘Generació Jove’, a series of debates about topics related to the youth. The edition of this year starts on Monday 24 October, at 19:00, in the Cultural Centre La Nau.

The presentation of this new edition of ‘Debats a La Nau-Generació Jove’ will count on the attendance of the Vice-principal for Culture and Equity of the Universitat de València, Antonio Ariño; the autonomus secretary for Inclusion and the Valencian Unit for Equality, Alberto Ibáñez, and the general secretary of the IVAJ, Jesús Martí. 

In the opening session, Anna Sanmartín, coordinator of the Reina Sofía Centre on Adolescence and Youth of the FAD, will present ‘Scopio Proyect: youth development rates’, a global project of compilation, systematisation and obtaining of data for the analysis of reality and socialisation of the youth. Rates are made using data related to education, employment, emancipation, life (mortality, fertility, accidents and suicides) and the use of new technologies. There is a still photograph that enables to compare in a transversal way the state of the Spanish youth with the European youth and also among the autonomous communities:

‘Generació Jove’ is part of the ‘Tema Jove’, an initiative by which the IVAJ, with the collaboration of the Universitat de València, approaches through talks, round tables and presentations of studies of the youth the issues that most affect them. This activity is especially addressed to professionals who work in the area of associations, university students and city halls or to the Consell de la Joventut de la Comunitat so as to design policies to better know and improve the situation of the youth.

‘Debats a La Nau: Generació Jove’ Programme 

‘Debats a La Nau-Generació Jove’ has programmed five conferences on policies for the youth, participation, interculturality and communication, all of them with no registration fees, at 19:00, in the Cultural Centre La Nau of the Universitat de València.

The second debate of this series, titled ‘Policies and programmes for the youth’ will take place on Tuesday 29 November, and will be done by Pedro Soler, doctor in Pedagogy and professor at the Department of Pedagogy of the University of Girona. 

On Tuesday 31 January, Neus Alberich, who has got a master’s degree in Basic Research applied to Anthropology in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and is adjunct professor in the Degree of Social Education and Social Work at the Ramon Llull University, will discuss about interculturality and policies for the youth. 

On 9 March, Mònica Figueras, doctor in journalism by the Pompeu Fabra University and graduate in Sociology and Information Sciences by the UAB, will offer the conference ‘Youth and communication facing the media consumption’. 

The series will finish on 27 April with the conference ‘Participation and youth’, done by Francisco José Francés, doctor in Sociology, professor of the Sociology II Department in the University of Alicante and researcher of the Inter-university Institute of Social Development and Peace.