Culture and the University of Valencia present the conference ‘Un país de culturas’ and the book ‘La participación cultural de la Comunitat Valenciana’.

  • Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society
  • February 22nd, 2019
Fernando Delgado.
Fernando Delgado.

The general management of Culture and Heritage along with the Vice-rectory of Culture and Sports from the University of Valencia have organised several conferences, under the name of “Un país de culturas” (“A country of cultures”), where they will analyse the experiences and cultural projects that support social integration and how the good practices that stimulate creativity and innovation encourage dialogue, cooperation and the construction of a general welfare. Said conferences are divided in three different sessions: “cultural observatory”, “good practices” and “cultural laboratory”.

The first session will take place on the 26th of February in the cultural centre “La Nau”. The beginning of the conference will be at 10am with the talk of the writer Fernando Delgado. At 12am the book “La participación cultural de la Comunitat Valenciana” (“The cultural involvement of the Valencian Community”) will be presented, which collects the first surveys about the cultural Valencian habits. At 11am, media will be attended by the general director of Culture and Heritage, Carmen Amoraga, and by the vice-principal of Culture University of Valencia, Antonio Ariño.


On the book, data about the cultural practices of the citizenship will be provided, by population segments, genre, subject and other benchmarks, which form an approximation of Valencian society with culture and leisure.


Two thousand people from all the Valencian territory have answered to 149 questions revolving around four axis: the common or native notion of culture: what is understood by “culture”?; the perspective of genre to write the blank book of women and culture; the language in which culture is consumed and the participation in cultural activities.


Other important data from the survey are related to the cultural equipment that houses and cities have, such as the use that is made by citizenship in said equipment.


The second session “A country of culture” will be conducted on the 12th of April in the Botanical Garden of the University of València, where good cultural practices of integration and innovative projects will be disclosed.


Finally, the session that will close the conference will take place on the 12th of June in the cultural centre “La Nau” with the presentation of projects focused to broaden the public through social inclusion strategy.