The Cultural Observatory analyses the challenge of the boom in cultural laws with a dialogue between experts at La Nau

  • UV General Foundation
  • April 21st, 2023
Raúl Abeledo (left), Tony R. Murphy and Jesús Prieto.
Raúl Abeledo (left), Tony R. Murphy and Jesús Prieto.

The Cultural Observatory of the University of Valencia discussed the implementation of the new cultural laws, at regional and state level, in a session entitled ' What can we expect from the current boom in cultural laws, which was led by two experts in cultural law and policy.

This roundtable, celebrated last 20th April in the Aula Magna of La Nau, was moderated by academic director of the Observatory, Raúl Abeledo, Jesús Prieto, professor emeritus of Administrative Law and vice-president of the Gabeiras Foundation for Law and Culture, and Tony R. Murphy, PhD in Cultural Sociology and CEO of Culturelink.

Professor Raúl Abeledo mediated the dialogue between the two experts, who tried to answer questions such as how the rules contained in the Audiovisual Communication Law are put into practice or wheter the Artist's Statue is sufficient to protect cultural workers.

According to the Observatory, in the last three legislatures, various regulations of great interest to the cultural and creative sector have been passed. "A legislative proliferation that brings with it the complex challenge of its implementation at two levels of government:state and autonomous. How is the Valencian Community facing this challenge and what other regional references could be of interest in this regard?".

On this last term, Prieto and Murphy analysed critically aspects such as the guarantees of Navarra's Foral Law of Cultural Rights, the practical functioning of the categorisation of cultural goods proposed by the Basque Cultural Heritage Law or the usefulness of the new Public System of Culture of the Canary Islands.

"Through dialogue, togheter with public participation, the most significant issues, possible responses and policy priorities will be identified, defining an overview of the scale of the challenge that these laws pose for both regional governments and central government," they said.

Jesús Prieto
Jesús Prieto de Pedro is a Doctor in Law with a recognised track record. Holder of the Andrés Bello Chair in Cultural Rights (Andrés Bello Agreement, Carlos III University of Madrid and UNED) and Emeritus Professor of Administrative Law (UNED), he was General Director of Fine Arts, Cultural Heritage and Archives and Libraries for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. He is a member of more than ten editorial committees of different journals and has written more than fifthy articles and legal monographs on Cultural law. He chairs the scientific committee of the Gabeiras Foundation, for the promotion of welfare and social justice through the promotion, protection and defence of culture, cultural rights and cultural heritage.

Tony R. Murphy
Tony R. Murphy holds a PhD in Sociology of Culture and is CEO of Culturalink. An expert in cultural policy and strategic cultural planning with over 25 years of professional experience, he has advised and provided technical assistance to cultural organisations and public institutions at local, regional, national and international levels. Currently, his work focuses on the relationships between culture, creativity, innovation and development i urban environments. He has been coordinator and member of the team of experts responsible for the drafting of the recently approved Law of the Public System of Culture of the Canary Islands.


Video of the conference