The Cultural Centre of La Nau reunites 33 Spanish universities to promote the complementary curriculum

  • Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society
  • May 22nd, 2019
Una actuació de teatre a La Nau.
Una actuació de teatre a La Nau.

The Cultural Centre La Nau will host on Wednesday and Thursday, the 22th and 23th of May, the Sectorial Sessions- Complementary Curriculum, organised by the Universitat de València and the Polytechnic University of Valencia to promote the complementary curriculum: formation not related to the regulated study plan which allowed to each university student to acquire an add and distinctive value for their curriculum. The conclusions of the sessions will be bring to the CRUE (Conferencias de Rectores de las Universidades Españolas).

In the sessions, will participate 33 universities of the State represented by 23 Vice-Principals of Culture and University Expansion, as well as the cultural techniques of said universities. Nowadays, every university promotes complementary activities for the curricular formation, cultural, sportive, etc, and these do not have any recognition. The session celebrated intends to study the statute of these activities and give them visibility.

Antonio Ariño Villaroya, Vice-Principal of Culture and Sports of the Universitat de València, will be in charge to inaugurate the sessions with the conference ‘Ciudadanía cultural y currículum complementario en la Universidad’ (10.15a.m.). Following the conference, Mercedes Elizalde will intervene, delegate of the Principal for Students of the Universitat de València and then Laura Guzmán will participate, superior technician of information (Sedi) in the same institution.

Since 12:15a.m. until 6p.m., the 33 universities will present a collection of complementary activities to perform with its students, among which we can find cultural, sportive, voluntary, artistic, musical and theatrical, which encourage the integral formation of learners. José Luis Cueto, Vice-Principal of Students, Culture and Sports of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Víctor Jesús Medina, Vice-Principal of University Expansion of the University of Granada, will lead the debate.

On Thursday, the 23th of May at 9a.m., people in charge of inaugurating the second and last session will be Antonio Javier González, commissioners of the Second Strategic Plan of the University of Cádiz and Salvador Catalán, director of the Service of Cultural Activities of the University of Cádiz, with the presentation of ‘La experiencia de trabajo en red del Observatorio Cultural del Proyecto Atalaya’.  Next, at 9:30a.m. Adela Valero, Vice-Principal of Employment and Formative Programmes of the Universitat de València, will coordinate the conference ‘Formas de conocimiento y reconocimiento de las actividades que realizan las diferentes universidades’.

At 11:30a.m. a group dynamics will be carried out for the study of coordinator between universities of the national territory. Then, at 12:30a.m. common perspectives will be shared and some conclusions will be analysed. Parallel to such activities and as a closing of the sessions, at 1a.m., the acts will conclude with a reunion of the Vice-Principals who coordinate this event.