Cultural activism meets at La Nau against the renewable energy oligopoly

  • Fundació General UV
  • February 23rd, 2022
Iñaki López.
Iñaki López.

The Observatori Cultural of the Universitat de València, directed by professor Raúl Abeledo, organised a seminar and a workshop on 21st and 22nd February, respectively, to be given by the cultural agitator Iñaki López at the Centre Cultural La Nau to denounce the renewable energy oligopoly and the consequences that these macro-projects are having on rural areas.

The Aula Magna at La Nau hosted the seminar 'Cultural activism against the territory exploitation' on Monday 21st, which focus on the speech by Iñaki López, cultural activist and member of the MonferoDiNon Map Group. His intervention was followed by a round table composed of experts in different fields and activists for the environment protection belonging to Valencian organisations and collectives: Julio Rodrigo, form the Plataforma Sierra de Chiva; Rosa Más, from the Asociación Amigos del Mas de la Mateba; Julián Soriano, from Utiel-Requena Sostenible; Carmela Cerdá, from the Asociación Naturalista de Ayora y La Valle (ANAV); and Luis Alís, from Salvemos Farrajón.

This group reflected, through debate, on the consecuences that “the rapid expansion of renewable energy macro-projects” is having on rural areas, said Raúl Abeledo, debate moderator. “Neighbours from all over Spain are organising platforms themselves to fight against the energy oligopoly and to warn of the environmental impact and the enormous damage that these wind and photovoltaic mega-projects are having on rural communities, their economy, their health and their way of life”, he also warned.

For this reason, the Observatori Cultural of the Universitat has decided to organised two academic, participative and social activities that “aim to learn about the keys to this phenomenon and continue creating networks of citizen collaboration in defence of the territory”.

Maps for the defence of the territory
The Observatori Cultural took up the topic again, Tuesday 22nd, with the workshop “Maps for the defence of the territory”, which also was led by Iñaki López in the Aulas Seminario at La Nau.

It was a practical session that combined, explained Raúl Abeledo, “the study of the current context of the deployment of renewable industries and the negative consequences for health, environmental and cultural heritage of the affected territories”, with the practical learning of computer tools for the creation of 3D maps of wind projects, evacuation lines and photovoltaic parks planned in the Comunitat Valenciana, “essential in the struggle of social movements that defend a just and democratic energy transition”.

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