The Confucius Institute disseminates Chinese culture in Alicante with an exhibition of the art of calligraphy

  • Confucius Institute
  • May 22nd, 2023
Calligraphy exhibition
Calligraphy exhibition

The Confucius Institute of the University of Valencia (ICUV) has disseminated Chinese culture on Sunday 21 May outside of the Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ). On the occasion of the events for the International Museum Day last Thursday, and the recently inaugurated exhibition at the MARQ of the warriors of Xi'an, the ICUV wanted to participate and disseminate one of the best known facets of Chinese culture: the art of calligraphy. From the paintbrush of the master Adan Liu, a regular collaborator of the ICUV, have come more than 700 calligraphed names, that so many people have asked him for them. The phonetic transcription of each person’s own name in Chinese is an activity that always succeeds with participants and the public.

In addition, the master calligrapher has performed an exhibition of giant calligraphy, i.e. calligraphy done with a very thick brush and drawn on paper on the ground. This display, which was carried out with a 30-metre long roll of paper, focused the attention of the large number of people who witnessed it. During the morning of this Sunday, craft workshops for children have been also carried out for the elaboration of traditional red lanterns, paper-cut or good luck bracelets.  These activities have been directed by the professors of the ICUV Li Lixin, Cui Yuhua, Song Yuchan and Liao Ye. The professors come from the Northeast Normal University (NENU), with headquarters in the city of Changchun, capital of Jilin Province, with which the ICUV has an active collaboration agreement.

For the ICUV director, professor Vicente Andreu, “it has been a complete success preparing this cultural activity that -together with the successful exhibition of the MARQ-, gives an idea of the interest of the citizens of Alicante for the Chinese civilization. We know that the millenary calligraphy attracts a lot of attention and, for this reason, we insist that its character system is inexcusably linked to its culture. Therefore, at the Confucius Institute we always teach Chinese culture and language”.

Since 2007, year of its foundation, the ICUV is the only official centre of Chinese language and culture of the Valencian Community and also the only one qualified to hold the official exams HSK for adults and YCT for children and young people.  It is considered by the central headquarters in China as a ‘Model Confucius Institute’ since 2015 and has different awards and mentions, among which is one of the 20 best in the world (there are currently 525) and the 9 d’Octubre ‘Distinción al Mérito Cultural’ (Distinction to Cultural Merit) of the Generalitat.