Cinema as an oasis in ‘Nits de Cinema’, held in digital format by the Universitat

  • Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society
  • July 3rd, 2020

'Nits de Cinema’ of the Universitat de València, the audiovisual activity promoted each summer by the academic institution’s Cinema Club, will be held from July 7th to the 17th. As has already happened with the Serenades Music Festival, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it necessary to reformulate this activity which, in this edition, is being transferred to the digital environment. Just like in previous editions, the schedule includes two film seasons of projections and presentations held by distinguished guests, including directors of notable contests.

The posters of ‘Nits de Cinema’ of the Universitat de València, as well as the ones of ‘La Cabina’, have always stood out by their meticulous and innovative design. This year’s image, created by artist Julia Valencia, takes us into the depths of the most exuberant nature. On this very year, marked by lockdown, this edition’s image equates cinema with an oasis where you can take shelter, rest and let yourself be rocked by these beautiful stories. This is what the two scheduled film seasons intend: ‘Cinema Conscient’ and ‘Largo Verano en Europa’.

‘Cinema Conscient’ proposes a social, cultural and political reflection throughout a selection of the most renowned films of 2019 by committed filmmakers such as Ken Loach, Céline Sciamma, Oliver Laxe or the much-missed Agnès Varda. ‘Sorry We Missed You’ by Loach and ‘Varda by Agnès’, Agnès Varda’s last film, are essential films to understand the cinema of both filmmakers.

The cinema advisors ‘Las Entendidas’ cooperate for the fist time with the Cinema Club and offer ‘Largo Verano en Europa’, a film season that proposes an approach to cinema stories that use summer as a driving force to create vital changes. The outskirts of Paris or hot Madrid are the settings of this film season that includes ‘Things to Come’ (2016) by Hansen-Løve and ‘The August Virgin’ (2019) by Jonás Trueba.

All films will be available at the online film platform FILMIN, who collaborates with #NitsdeCinema2020 with the draw of free subscriptions to their catalogue so that you can watch all films offered. In the recently launched Instagram profile of the Universitat’s Cinema Club you can find all the information, rules and conditions of participation.

Additionally, extraordinary guests will present these movies. These interventions will be broadcasted on La Nau Cultural Centre’s YouTube Channel at 8 PM, where you will be able to watch them afterwards. Among the participants: the vice-president of the Association of Women Filmmakers and Women in Audiovisual Media (CIMA), Virginia Yagüe (July 10th); the winner of the Goya Award 2020 for Best New Director, Belén Funes (July 13th), or the Director of the San Sebastián International Film Festival, José Luis Rebordinos (July 16th).

You can refer to all the Nits de Cinema’s detailed schedule following this link and you can also watch this edition’s trailer that leads the playlist from the La Nau Cultural Centre’s Youtube Channel, where the debates will be displayed.