Certify your English knowledge with the PACLE exams at the Languages Centre

  • Office of the Principal
  • May 13rd, 2022
Certify your English knowledge with the PACLE exams at the Languages Centre

The Languages Centre of the Universitat prepares and certifies forgein language skills with the PACLE exams to officially accredit your knowledge for competitive examinations, applying for a master's degree, going on Erasmus course, etc.

The deadline for registration for the official PACLE certification exams for English levels B1, B2 and C1 is 20 of May. The exams will take place from the 20 to the 23 of June and will provide the accreditation of the knowledge of English to be able to study postgraduate degrees, access competitive examinations and participating in the Erasmus programme, among others.

Also, the Languages Centre of the UV offers intensive preparation courses to acquire and consolidate knowledge and thus gain confidence in order to take the exams..

At the same time, the Language and Linguistics Politics Service subsides 50% of the registration fee for the test of the entire university community. Also, the Teaching and research staff (PDI), Administrative and service staff (PAS) and the Research staff in formation (PIF) can apply for the financial aid for the accreditation tests.

You can find more information in this link https://links.uv.es/uQ3FMHO or contacting the Languages Centre:


963 067 781

c/Serpis 25. València

The PACLE exams

The PACLE language tests are the Pruebas de Acreditación del Conocimiento de Lenguas Extranjeras (Accreditation Tests for the Knowledge of Foreign Languages), they are supported by ACLES, the Association of Language Centres in Higher Education and has the CertAcles certificate. This exams are recognised by the Spanish University System, by the Government of the Valencian Community and some public administrations. Here you can find more information about the recognition of the exams.