Carles Santos and the Cor de la Generalitat, in the Serenates 2020

  • Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society
  • June 27th, 2020
Carles Santos and the Cor de la Generalitat.
Carles Santos and the Cor de la Generalitat.

The Serenates festival, organized every year by the Universitat de València, through the Vice-Principal's Office for Culture and Sport, and the Instituto Valenciano de Cultura, is celebrating this 33rd edition in digital format as a result of the pandemic situation caused by the Covid-19. The concerts are broadcast at 8pm on the YouTube channels of the co-organisers, the La Nau Cultural Centre and the Valencian Institute of Culture, and MediaUni.

On Friday the 26th of June, Serenates brought back 'Canturia Cantada', the concert with which the now defunct Carles Santos and the Cor de la Generalitat (Choir of the Generalitat) opened the Serenates festival five years ago. On that occasion, the multifaceted musician from Vinaròs, who is also a Medal of the Universitat de València (University of Valencia), presented one of his latest creations: a show created for 37 voices and a clarinet that brings together outstanding passages from his vocal works.

The show includes fragments from seven performances created between 1981 and 2010 such as 'Voice Tracks' (1981), 'Tramuntana Tremens' (1989) - a show premiered by the Cor de València, the origin of the current Cor de la Generalitat, with which they toured all over Europe, Chicha Montenegro Gallery' (2010), 'La meua filla sóc jo' (2005), 'L'adeu de Lucrècia Borgia' (2001), 'Homenatge a Josep Guinovart' (2008), and 'La pantera Imperial' (1997), along with two pieces by the great 17th century polyphonist Tomás Luis de Victòria: Caligaverunt oculi Mei' and 'Tradiderunt me.

The 10 free concerts are thus available on the YouTube channels of the Universitat de València's La Nau Cultural Centre, the IVC and MediaUni.  All of them are broadcasted at 8 pm through these channels, from where you can also recover the concert later

Serenates 2020 also has the collaboration and sponsorship of the Diputació de València, the Ayuntamiento de València (Culture, Youth and Festivals), Palau de la Música, Fundación Banco Sabadell, Caixa Popular,EASD València and Clemente Pianos.

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