The Botanical Garden announces the 6th InsPirats pel Botànic competition of quick stories and paintings

  • Botanical Garden
  • June 8th, 2022
Detail of the poster
Detail of the poster

The Botanical Garden of the Universitat de València celebrates this June the sixth edition of the expected InsPirats pel Botànic competition of quick stories and paintings. This year, without restrictions, the Garden continues with one of its most popular and best received activities. A special day that will allow everyone who is interested in painting or writing to spend a day in the Garden to let loose their inspiration surrounded by trees, flowers and sparrow sounds in the city centre.

This year the competition will be held on Saturday 18 June from 10 to 16 hours. The registration period is open until Thursday 16, although some places will be reserved for registration on the day of the competition. The participants in InsPirats must over 16 years sold and will be eligible for four prizes, two per category. In painting they will be of 700 and 400 euros, and in the writing category they will be of 400 and 200 euros. All of them will also receive a certifying diploma. The awards will be given the same day in the afternoon, and the verdict will be made by a jury integrated by experts form the art, literature, and culture world.

Each category has its own characteristics that are gathered in the competition basis. For the painting category of InsPirats each participant must bring the necessary materials to carry out the work, including an easel, that will be used to show the work at the end of the competition’s day. Is also necessary to bring a rigid support (wood, canvas or frame-supported paper) smooth and without texture or with a monochromatic primer. The minimum measurements are 50 cm and the maximum are 100 cm.

As for the formal aspects for the writing category, its a matter of submitting a micro-story with a maximum of 150 words and the participants must bring the necessary elements to write (notebooks, paper, pens, etc.). The work will be presented in a special sheet of paper provided by the organization to each of the participants to write the final version of the text.

The competition will be curated by the Valencian artist Nuria Ferriol. At the end all the paintings and the awarded stories will be registered to be part of a virtual exhibition that will be available in the Botanical Garden web page. Furthermore, an audio-visual piece with a summary will be produced by Prosonarte. The different editions of InsPirats are available in the YouTube channel of the Botanical Garden.

The director of the Botanical Garden, Jaime Güemes, describes the contest as “an opportunity to rediscover the Botanical, a inspiring space where new works are being born that couldn’t do it in other place. The InsPirats may have happened other times, but the changing nature of the Garden and the intensity of the contest, against time, will show them and unique and unrepeatable picture. And he adds, “it is also a beautiful day to visit the Garden, as walking among the artists we can see their work and we see the Garden through their eyes and hands”.