Baltasar Garzón today in La Nau

  • Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society
  • February 20th, 2019
Baltarsar Garzón a La Nau.
Baltarsar Garzón a La Nau.

The ex-judge of the National Trial Baltasar Garzón will give a speech in the Cultural Centre La Nau of the Universtitat de València on the occasion of the 10th edition of the Human Fest. The conference, which will start at 5 p.m., will deal with the possibility of creating an international criminal code in order to judge the crimes against humanity internationally.

The Human Rights and Cinema International Festival of València wants to promote a critical thought on the causes of this inequity through a compromised cinema and debates as it did in the previous editions.

It has been called a forum of human rights on four topics: associations, justice, prison, mental health and hate crimes and the gag rule.

The forum, together with the official section and the meeting with the directors, completes a programme fomenting the critical thought, the promotion, the diffusion and the education on Human Rights and its violation.

The speech of Baltasar Garzón will take place after  The Code, a documentary in which apart from Garzón, some judges, lawyers, and prosecutors talk about having an international code in order to judge the crimes against humanity internationally.

On Thursday, the debate will focus on the violation of the civil rights in our background, and Sandra Casas (lawyer), Lucía Martínez (member of the Human Rights Institute of València), Javier Vilalta (Àmbit) and Mikel Munarriz (president of the Spanish Neuropsychiatry Association) will participate with their speeches.