Autonomic gold for karate team and bronze for taekwondo

  • Sports Service
  • March 4th, 2020
Selecció de Karate
Karate team

The karate team from the Universitat de València has raised a lot the standard in the Autonomic Championship of the University Sports (CADU), which took place last weekend in the Miguel Hernández University of Elche. The team, led by its trainer Arturo Olmedo, was proclaimed autonomic champion.

The UV karate team proved its superiority on the tatami over the rest of participating universities. The UV team competed in kumite and kata, and with a great difference in relation to its opponents, won seven gold, nine silver and six bronze medals. The Universitat de València went to the autonomic with a total of 25 athletes, 12 women and 13 men, divided into promotion and elite classification.

Next date will be on 21 May in the Spain University Championship that will take place in Espinardo, Murcia, organised by the Universidad de Murica.

Taekwondo, third by teams

The Taekwondo CADU has recently taken place, in which the team from the Universitat de València won the third autonomic place. 15 of 15 competitor teams reached the podium. These were the results:

Promises categories:

  • -80kg: gold for Juan de Mariana and bronze for Ángel Paton

Female senior:

  • -46kg: gold for Andrea Mengual and silver for Blanca Luna
  • -57kg: bronze for Paula Termina
  • -62kg: bronze for Paula Dauden
  • -73kg: gold for Sara Pérez

Male senior:

  • -63kg: silver for David Tolsa and bronze for Arturo García
  • -68kg: gold for Javier Pastor and silver for Alejandro Cabeza
  • -74kg: silver for Iván Fernández and bronze for Ulises González
  • -80kg: gold for Pau Gualda and bronze for Yusze Chen Xu and Pablo Navarro
  • -87kg: silver for Oscar Salamanca

Trainer Estefanía Almela highlights the great performance of each athlete of the UV in spite of the outs, “being one of the teams that fewer athletes had.”