Andreu Martínez Cerezuela, Pharmacy graduate from the UV, obtains the highest FIR grade

  • Office of the Principal
  • May 10th, 2021
Andreu Martínez Cerezuela, Pharmacy graduate from the UV, obtains the highest FIR grade
Andreu Martínez

A Pharmacy graduate from the University of Valencia, Andreu Martínez, has obtained the highest grade (107,5741 points) in the entrance exam for Pharmacy Resident Interns (FIR).

Andreu Martínez Cerezuela, a Pharmacy graduate from the University of Valencia, has obtained, according to provisional results, the best grade in Spain in the entrance exams for specialised health training in pharmacy.

He got a total score of 107'5741, the result of the sum of the exercise qualification (97'4376) and the merits for his academic record (10'1365), and achieved first place, pending final results, of Pharmacy Resident Intern (FIR).

“I am satisfied with the work I have done. The intense study days lasted many months and such a strict routine with so little leisure time drains you mentally" he said. He also stressed that, as in all areas, the COVID-19 pandemic complicated the preparation process, resulting in a period of sacrifice that "I'm sure will end up being worth it", he stated.

Andreu is undecided about all the possibilities that his results have opened up for him and is currently gathering as much information as possible to make the best decision he can regarding the specialisation and the hospital where he will train for the next few years. 

There are a total of six specialisations that Pharmacy Resident Interns can choose: Hospital Pharmacy, which deals with choosing, preparing, storing and dispensing health products and medicines; Clinical Analysis, which takes care of generating information for a clinic that helps to differentiate between states of health and disease; Microbiology and Parasitology, dedicated to the study and treatment of infectious diseases; Clinical Biochemistry, which studies the chemical aspects of human life in health and disease; Immunology, which deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of patients with diseases caused by alterations in immunological mechanisms; and Radiopharmacy, which studies the pharmaceutical, chemical, biochemical, biological and physical aspects of radiopharmaceutical medicines.

Nervous and excited about embarking on this new professional stage, Andreu has been enjoying a few days of rest while he recharges so that he can apply everything he has studied in a clinical environment. Above all, he is eager to learn first-hand how a hospital works, to meet new people and continue learning.