Analysis of the administration of justice from gender perspective

  • March 23rd, 2017
Sessions' poster

The Principal Peset Hall of Residence hosts on Friday 24 March a conference about the analysis of the administration of justice in a generic view. The conference starts at 9:00 with the inauguration by Carmen Llombart, member of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ in Spanish). Experts of this field such as the judge Lucía Avilés, the forensic psychologist Rocío Gómez, the prosecutor Susana Gisbert or the professor Miguel Lorente will participate.

At 9:30 the conference ‘Una mirada crítica y feminista de la Judicatura española. Asociación de Mujeres Juezas de España’ (A critical and feminist eye on the Judiciary of Spain. Spanish association of Women Judges) will be held by Lucia Avilés, judge and founding member of this association. At 10:15 there will be a round table about ‘Incidencias de los estereotipos de género en la toma de decisiones judiciales’ (Influence of the generic stereotypes in the judicial decission-making), by Rocío Gómez, forensic psychologist of the Penitentiary Surveilance Court and Miguel Lorente, professor and director of the Equality Unit of the Universidad de Granada and ex Government representative against gender violence.

At 12:00 there will be a second round table on ‘La situación de las mujeres en el ámbito judicial. Propuestas de mejora en su promoción profesional y en materia de violencia de género’ (Women’s situation in the Spanish legal system. Improvement proposals in their professional promotion and in matters of gender violence). Miguel Lorente; Lucía Avilés; Susana Gisbert, prosecutor of Violence against woman; Estefanía Navarrete, inspector of the Local Police, of the Gama Group; and the lawyer María Martín will take part in.

The day will be closed by Isabel Sanchis, responsible for the unit of Gender Violence of the Government Delegation against Gender Violence in the Valencian Community.

This day has been organised by Elena Martínez, UV professor and member of the Gender Violence Multidisciplinary Center Research; Lucía Avilés, member of the Spanish Association of Women Judges; and by the Equality Unit of the Universitat de València. It is part of the R+D project of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness ‘La construcción de Europa a través de la cooperación judicial de la protección de víctimas de violencia de género’ (The construction of Europe through the judicial cooperation of the gender violence victims protection).