Ana Bonmatí explains the online formats of the Escola Lluís Vives and the workshops for children

  • Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society
  • June 6th, 2020

The Director of Cultural Management of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Sport of the University of Valencia, Ana Bonmatí, explains how the European School of Thought Lluís Vives and the free art workshops for children 'Art i Ment' have been reprogrammed during this situation. Online formats to get culture across at any time.

The contents of both projects can be seen and followed from the YouTube Channel of the La Nau Cultural Centre and the page of the Vice-Principal Office for Culture of the Universitat de València, as Ana Bonmatí explains.

The Universitat de València's Escola Europea de Pensament Lluís Vives has resumed its online activities. To inaugurate it, on Monday 25th May, the magistrate and jurist Joaquim Bosch gave a lecture entitled 'False news and toxic lies: the limits of freedom of expression and the right to information'. The next conferences will be on June 8th with Francisco Sanz, doctor of pneumology and COVID coordinator of the Consortium Hospital General València, who will talk about the protocols of attention and treatment of the COVID-19; and on June 15th with the researcher Enrique Feás, who will deal with the economic crisis generated.

The School is a cultural project, promoted by the Vice-Principal Office for Culture and Sport and managed by the General Foundation of the Universitat de València, which is configured as a space for reflection and participative and critical debate on current affairs. The School is supported by other actors from the public administration and civil society: the Presidency of the Generalitat, Valencia City Council, the Department of Transparency and Education, Research, Culture and Sport, the Valencian Language Academy, the Alfons el Magnànim Institute and Caixa Popular.

The free art workshops 'Arte y Ment', aimed at the youngest audience: children aged 13, are given by artists and art therapists, between 26 May and 9 June. They are held every Tuesday, always at 6 pm.

In the first session, Alejandra Vicuña presents the collage techniques and has carried out practical exercises to motivate the curiosity and imagination of the youngest.

The second session, Pablo Martínez Vera approaches the children to the way of making an artist's book as a confinement diary. To do so, he explores different graphic and plastic techniques.

The workshops of this course will conclude on June 9, with the also artist and art therapist, Laura Redón who will use the different printing systems as a way to play and develop creativity.

These workshops, which are part of Nau Social, a socio-educational and community intervention project for participation through art and culture, in accordance with the values of the Universitat de València: justice, equality, solidarity and social progress, have been held during the 2019-2020 academic year at the Centre Cultural La Nau. It was carried out by the Idecart Institute and the University Master's Degree in Psychological Intervention in Social Areas of the University. In addition to the collaboration of public IES and CEIPS of the city of Valencia, among which the IES Lluís Vives and the IES Isabel de Villena, Barris Inclusius of the City Council of Valencia, Caixa Popular and the Antonia Mir Foundation stand out.