Activa Cultura: Quítate la máscara

  • University Culture Service
  • September 14th, 2022

The project of Activa Cultura: Quítate la máscara (Spanish for Take off your mask) was developed by Nicolás Aranda Robayne, student of the Multimedia Engineering Degree.

This consisted of a micro-theatre festival (dramatised reading) in which students from the Universitat de València took part.

The festival was divided into three phases:

  • In the first phase, the plays written by the students who wished to participate were selected. Each person could register as many plays as they wished, but all had to be original and with a maximum of five actors. The theme of the works was open, but they had to encourage critical reflection and a maximum of six works were selected.


  • The second was the creative training phase. Josep Valero, Valencian director and actor, have a one and a half hour masterclass to the finalist directors. In a web space, students who wanted to participate as actors and actresses could send a short video as a portfolio and a contact. In this way, the finalist playwrights were able to find members for their casts.
  • The third phase was the final gala in which the plays were performed as dramatised reading at La Nau Cultural Centre. A professional jury made up of a playwright, a director and an actor was in charge of evaluating the plays.