A special Benvinguda to the Universitat for the 2021-2022 academic year, with a return to face-to-face attendance

  • Information and Promotion Service for Students (Sedi)
  • October 15th, 2021
Picture of Benvinguda to the Universitat 2021-2022
Picture of Benvinguda to the Universitat 2021-2022

The Universitat de València holds the Benvinguda of the 2021-2022 academic year in order to show the initiatives offered by different university services, as well as the proposals for participation of student associations and groups. Organised by the Student Council Branch, it will take place on 21st October at the Burjassot campus, on 26th October at the Els Tarongers campus, and on 28th October at the Blasco Ibañez campus.

During the three days of the Benvinguda to the Universitat, the campuses will host information points of university services and student associations to announce their projects and initiatives aimed at students. Spaces, emphasised the Student Delegate, Manuel González, “where they will be able to get information, find out about the activities that are going to take place during this academic year” and also “find out about the various student associations and what their peers are doing in terms of participation”. The aim, he explained, is to “bring all parts of the Universitat, the services, closer to the students, especially first and second-year students, due to the circumstances of the previous academic year with the pandemic”.

In addition to the information points, each day of the Benvinguda has a programme of activities that includes dance, theatre, sports and music proposals and guided tours to the Natural History Museum, among others. A new model of Benvinguda, said González, “more university-based, more participatory”, which seeks to highlight “the work that is done to offer not only an academic career but also a school of citizenship, a place to enjoy sports, culture and so many other activities that the Universitat offers”.

The Benvinguda to the Universitat will be a meeting point between the university community and the present values of equality, diversity and sustainability, and also an opportunity to make contact with other students and become fully integrated into the university life. In addition to adapting to the pandemic situation, the new format begins a line already expected, and well appreciated by all parties involved, to bring the Benvinguda to the Universitat closer to the campuses.

The Student Delegate stated that it is also an act of recognition “to the student body and the university community and their efforts during the year and a half of restrictions”. Thus, with the “new pandemic situation, a very high vaccination rate, also within the university community”, he encourages students to “enjoy and be immersed in the university culture” at the Benvinguda to the Universitat 2021-2022.

The Benvinguda to the Universitat is an initiative organised by the Student Council Branch through the Information and Promotion Service for Students (Sedi), with the participation of the Universitat services and student associations and groups.