A conference in the Universitat brings to light women’s role in scientific dissemination

  • Equality Unit
  • February 9th, 2023

On Thursday, the Universitat de València celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science with a program that brings to light women’s role in scientific dissemination. The conference ‘Ciencia, género e innovación en la Universitat de València’ (Science, genre and innovation in the Universitat de València) takes place in the Burjassot-Paterna Campus and will be attended by the principal Mavi Mestre and by Pilar Ezpleta, director-general of Universities.

The Universitat de València celebrates, one more year, the 11th February commemoration, an initiative that intends a greater participation and progress of women and girls in science and that was passed in 2015 as International Day by the United Nations General Assembly (ONU) Official Resolution A/70/474/Add.2

This time, the Universitat celebrates an institutional act in order to bring to light women’s contribution to science and to show the scientific research with a genre perspective in a conference named “Ciencia, género e innovación en la Universitat de València”.

In the act will participate the Universitat principal, Mavi Mestre and Pilar Ezpleta, director-general of Universities. It is planned for Thursday, 9th February, from 9 to 14 hours in the Darwin hall of the Burjassot Campus. It is necessary a previous registration for attending it:

Link to registration.

The act include four tables focused on different issues such as “The recruitment of women’s scientific talent in Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy”, “Scientific dissemination with genre perspective. Medicine, Biology and Nutrition”, “The STEM impulse and the women’s talent in Chemistry and engineering” and finally, “Women as researchers in Health and the gender bias” moderated by Anna Mateu, editor-in-chief of Mètode journal; Soledat Rubio, director of the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit; Eva Pastor, person in charge of the Culture and Communication Unit of the Botanical Garden; and Olga Dénia, person in charge of the communication of the Scientific Park.

Will take part in the program Chantal Ferrer, lecturer of Applied Physics and director of the exhibition “Experimenta”; Martina Delgado, lecturer of Applied Physics; Pascuala García, full university professor of Optics; Mª Amparo Tórtola, lecturer of Theoretical Physics; Vicent Martínez, full university professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics; Isabel Cordero, lecturer of Applied Mathematics; Dolors Corella, full university professor of preventive Medicine and Public Health; Sergi Maicas, lecturer of Microbiology; Mari Luz Cardona, full university professor of Organic Chemistry; Mª José Ruiz, full university professor of Toxicology; Ángel Robles, lecturer of Chemical Engineering; Xaro Benavent, lecturer of Computing and Artificial Intelligence; Ana Belén Gaspar, lecturer of Inorganic Chemistry; Giada Sira, Research Group in Laboratorio de Simulación Computacional Multiescala; Lucía Hipólito, lecturer of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology - DOREAL LABORATORY; Ruth Lucas, lecturer of History of Science and Documentation - BRECHA GÉNERO ASISTENCIA CLÍNICA; And Carmen Agustín, lecturer of Functional Biology -NEUROBIOLOGY.