“Were the ancestors of Altamira old at the age of 30?” title of Arsuaga’s lecture at the University

  • Press Office
  • May 9th, 2022
Juan Luis Arsuaga Ferreras
Juan Luis Arsuaga Ferreras

Juan Luis Arsuaga Ferreras, palaeontologist and director of the Museum of Human Evolution of Burgos will offer the lecture “Were the ancestors of Altamira old at the age of 30?” at the University. It will have place on Wednesday 11 of May at 18:00 hours at the Sala Palmireno of the Faculty of Geography and History of the Universitat de València. The act will be presented by the centre’s Dean Josep Montesinos Martínez. The entrance is free until full capacity is reached.

The conference is part of the Seminar of Human Evolution and Archaeological Heritage. The programme will also have, at the same place, the discussion: “The lights and shadows of the enhancement of the archaeological heritage”, with the participation of Arsuaga; Consuelo Mata and Valentín Villaverde from the Department of Prehistory and Archaeology of the Universitat de València; and María Jesús de Pedro, director of the Museum of Prehistory of València. Emilio Iranzo, Vice-dean od Culture and Student Participation, will moderate.

Juan Luis Arsuaga Ferreras

The scientific, professor and palaeontologist Juan Luis Arsuaga Ferreras is a doctor in Biological Sciences and professor of palaeontology at the Complutense University of Madrid. He is also the director of the UCM-ISCIII Centre of Human Evolution and Behaviour. He collaborates as a visiting professor with the Anthropology Department of the University College of London, and has offered conferences in universities around the word.

He co-directs the excavations at the Atapuerca Mountains (Burgos), and has participated in others like: Cueva del Conde in Asturias and Pinilla del Valle in Madrid. He also is part of institutions and have received several prices.