Grants for research networks – AEI 2022

Ayudas a redes de investigación - AEI 2022

Schedule: From 22 september 2022 to 10 october 2022. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday at 00:00 to 14:00.


Place: Research Management Service


The Spanish State Research Agency (AEI) has published the award of grants to finance activities for the creation and development of research group networks aimed at Thematic Networks, ICTS Networks and Strategic Networks.

The execution period for the actions will be two years.

The start date may not be earlier than 1st January 2023.

The amount requested in each of the applications/projects may not exceed 150,000 euros.


Information on this can be found in the following links:


Summary of the call

Website of the call


The deadline for submitting applications is 11th October 2022, but in order to guarantee the correct processing and to avoid any incidences, you must send us the documentation by 10th OCTOBER 2022 at 9 am.


More information in (processing enquires); (budgeting enquires) and (recruitment enquires).

Organized by:

Spanish State Research Agency (AEI).