Crèdits del títol: 120

Crèdits obligatoris: 94

Treball fi de màster: 26

Codi titulació: 2248

Cursos: 2

Tipus d'ensenyament: Presencial

Branca de coneixement: Ciències socials i jurídiques

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Places ofertes de nou ingrés: 30

Nombre mínim de crèdits de matrícula per estudiant: 36

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[curs 2022-2023]:
35,34 €

Centre de gestió: Faculty of Psychology

Llengües utilitzades al llarg del procés formatiu: English

Universitats participants: Universitat de València, Universiteit Maastricht and Universität Lüneburg

Comissió de Coordinació Acadèmica José Ramos López (Director)
José María Peiró Silla
Vicente González Roma
Vicente Martínez Tur
Ana Zornoza Abad
Francisco J. Gracia Lerin
Ana Hernández Baeza

Interès acadèmic, científic o professional: The international labour market is changing very rapidly, as are labour and organisational practices. The organisations need to understand these changes in order to be able to adjust to new developments. In order to meet organisational needs in the definition and creation of meaning and of different organisational practices, and to collaborate in the interventions that organisations carry out, professionals in occupational psychology and organisations need to develop research skills, both basic and applied. Because of that, the International Joint Master of Research in Work and Organisational Psychology should provide students with an in-depth knowledge of different types of relevant research in both academic and professional settings, and should familiarise them with the different modalities of such research (e.g. research on evaluation, research on innovation and development, research on organisational interventions, etc.) Different types of research have specific methodological requirements and require researchers to identify and engage with the context in which they operate. Thus, some of the specific competencies of researchers seeking to have a significant impact on their results in terms of innovation and development require transferring laboratory results to larger organisations, designing evidence-based interventions, valorising and commercialising research results, communicating and disseminating research results in various media and through diverse channels, and interacting with entrepreneurs and business people, among other socially relevant functions and tasks. The International Joint Master of Research in Work and Organisational Psychology which is proposed, with a full research orientation, aims to train professionals in occupational psychology and organisations according to the “scientific-innovative” model. As well as generating and producing research oriented to the scientific community, occupational psychologists and organisations must be able to engage in types of research that have an applied impact on society, organisations and their members.

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