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Área de conocimiento: ESTRUCTURA ECONOMICA
Departamento: Estructura Económica
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Dr. Dolores Añón Higón is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics and, Associated Researcher of the Social and Economic Behaviour Institute (ERI-CES) at the Universitat de València. She previously worked as a Lecturer at Aston University. Dolores holds a Bachelor’s Hons degree in Economics from the Universitat de València, and an M.Sc. in Economics and a Ph.D. from Warwick University. Her main research interests are in innovation, digitization and internationalization and, how these strategies shape firms’ performance. Her work has been published in international journals such as the Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Research Policy, Industrial and Corporate Change, Economics Letters, Information & Management, World Economy, among others. Dolores has participated in projects supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (UK), the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, the British Academy as well as those funded by the European Commission, the BBVA foundation, and different government departments in the UK and Spain.

Five selected/recent publications:

  1. Añón Higón, D., J. A. Máñez, J. A. Sanchis (2018). Intramural and external R&D: evidence for complementarity or substitutability. Economia Politica, 35(2), 555-577.
  2. Añón Higón, D., J. Gómez, P. Vargas (2017). Complementarities in innovation strategy: do intangibles play a role in enhancing firm performance? Industrial and Corporate Change, 26, 5, 2017, 865-886.
  3. Añón Higón, D. (2016). In-house versus external basic research and first-to-market innovations. Research Policy, 45(4), 816-829.
  4. Añón Higón, D. (2012). The impact of ICT on innovation activities: Evidence for UK SMEs. International Small Business Journal, 30(6), 684-699.
  5. Añón Higón, D., M. Manjón Antolín (2012). Multinationality, foreignness and institutional distance in the relation between R&D and productivity. Research Policy, 41(3), 592-601.

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