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International collaboration of the UV

What content is available?

This section shows from different approaches the international collaboration of the UV to carry out research and innovation activities.

On the one hand, we show a list of the most recent research projects in which the UV participates, financed with funds from the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, or from other international programmes or organisations, with access to their own websites.

And we make the Dashboard available, related to H2020 and Horizon Europe, of the European Commission, as well as the search engine of the UV to identify our research community’s members with research capacity and potential to collaborate in consortiums focused on determined fields.

What is the use of this section?

It will allow us to identify potential partners of interest in the project consortia shown, with the opportunity to request references from UV members when it comes to projects with our participation.

It provides information on the UV’s scientific strength and its behaviour in international competitive meetings. The search engine will help finding the experts capable of scientific breakthroughs in different areas. This will provide information to external actors to determine the suitability of the UV profile as a suitable partner. At the same time, it allows to deepen the UV’s knowledge of the research ecosystem by the promoters of international research projects.

UV Projects

Projects of the University of Valencia that received funding from the EU Framework Programme 2020 (H2020), Horizon Europe (HE) and from other European and International funding programmes.

*Data updated to 6 June 2023


The Horizon Dashboard is an intuitive and interactive reporting platform composed of a set of dashboards that allow you to discover and filter Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe data.

The aim of the Dashboard is to facilitate data sharing by providing public access to real-time programme data in a simple, flexible and user-friendly way.

UV Research Capacity Search Engine

Informació disponible en breu.

European Projects
Guia Dashboard
What is Horizon Dashboard? EU Research and Innovation data at your fingertips



The International R+D+I Section of the Transfer and Innovation Service assumes the following tasks:


  • Information and advice to researchers and research groups in order to establish strategies of participation in European and International R+D+I Projects.
  • Dissemination, promotion and encouragement of participation.
  • Advice on the preparation of proposals, in particular on the formation of the appropriate consortium.

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International R+D+I Section

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