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Rector Peset Hall of Residences Services Charter

The Rector Peset Hall of Residence is a centre which belongs to the UV and provides, as a priority, accommodation to its members and fosters the human, cultural and scientific training among its residents.
We develop our activity of support and development to the university community in three areas:
1. Students’ Hall of Residence
2. Hotel services to professors and researchers
3. Cultural Centre


Our work and effort has as a basis the following principles:
-Edition and agility in the prevision of services.
- Professionalism, impartiality and transparency in all staff’s actuations.
-Staff’s active implication in the contribution, maintenance and improvement of the services.
-Respect, cordial and equal approach to our users, without discrimination based on the origin, sexual orientation, ideology or religion.


-We offer round-the-clock accommodation services to students, teachers and researchers throughout every single day of the year.
- We have canteen service for our residents all year long, except the month of August.
-We are a Cultural Centre, coordinated with the Office of the Vice-principal for Culture of the UV. We organise specific activities as well as host activities from other universities. Likewise, we host congresses, Meetings and Conferences in the university and cultural sphere.



In the development of our activity we commit ourselves to providing services in the following conditions:
1. Responding to admission requests, information and students management formulated via email, within a maximum period of time of 48 working ours.
2. Answering the information requests, reservations and management of professors and researchers within a brief period of time, and never over 48 hours.
3. Giving information, fees and renting conditions of halls, as well as cultural activities within a maximum period of time of 72 working hours.
4. Security service and round-the-clock reception, the 365 day of the year.
5. Immediacy in the reparation and cleaning of facilities of the Hall of Residence in case of emergency. For routine work, it will be preceded in maximum period of time of 6 working hours.
6. Immediate assistance in cafeteria and canteen in the established timetable of the service.
7. Immediate, clear, efficient and cordial face-to-face and phone information.
8. The Hall of Residences webpage, remains operating and updated 24 hours a day.


Students will take part in the every day functioning and management of the Hall of Residences through Service and Activities Commission.
Any complaint or suggestion about the improvement of our services will be answered, in a period of 48 hours in working time.


The fastest and most effective way of getting in contact with us is via email:
-Information about cultural activities and halls renting:
We will be delighted to assist you through our phone:
+34 963 166 000
You can visit our facilities, or effectuating postal delivery:
Rector Peset Hall of Residences
Plaça Forn de Sant Nicolau, 4
46001 – VALENCIA (Spain).