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XX Workshop on Economic Integration

We are pleased to announce the celebration of the XX Workshop on Economic Integration, organized by the INTECO joint research unit in Economic Integration, to be held at the University of Valencia on the 6th- 8th of September, 2023.

To celebrate the XXth anniversary of the Workshop this year, the meeting will be jointly organized with the 25th INFER Annual Conference. INFER (International Network for Economic Research) is a non-profit international scientific organization that stimulates research and networking in all fields of economics through international workshops and conferences


The INTECO Workshop will be organized as parallel special (thematic) sessions along the INFER Annual Conference. Analogously to previous years, the Workshop will present papers on economic integration (international trade/finance). Participants will have 20 minutes to present their works, and then a discussant will open the general discussion to the floor.

In this edition, our invited keynote speakers will be Giovanni Peri (UC Davies), Isabelle Méjean (Science Po Paris) and Gabriel Febelmayr (WIFO, Wien). In addition, we will also have a round table on “Secular stagnation or permacrisis?” with panelists from the Bank of Spain, Caixabank Research, and Royal Institute Elcano.

Please note that this year the Workshop has some NOVELTIES in the way it is organized:

Submission of papers

Papers should be submitted electronically as pdf-files to the INFER Annual Conference organizers via Conference Maker at the following website (submission open on December 1st, 2022):

https://Joint 25INFER-XXINTECO Conference

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ScheduleFrom 1 february 2023 to 28 february 2023. Every day at 00:00 to 23:00.


Place Facultat d'Economia de la Universitat de València

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