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Image of the ‘Training for Employment’ programme.
Training for Employment: Courses with Credits for the Second Semester 22-23

UVjob has launched its online and face-to-face training courses ‘Training for Employment’ with credits for university participation for the second semester of the academic year 2022-23. With these proposals, both students and the general public will be able to complete their training by acquiring skills with the aim of facilitating their employability.

The enrolment period has already started and will remain open until the day before the start of each course.

The detailed training offer and enrolment can be checked online and accessing this information leaflet.

Below you can find the list according to the starting date:


- Communication and Decision-Making Skills (28th edition) - 2 credits


- Job Search Tools (34th edition) - 2 credits

- New Trends in Data Visualisation with PowerBI to Improve the Quality of Your Employability (1st edition) - 2 credits

- Essential Digital Skills for Employability (4th edition) - 2 credits

- The Job Selection Interview: Training for Skills Acquisition (29th edition) - 2 credits

- Personal Branding and Job Search through Social Media (10th edition) - 1 credit


- Introduction to Participation in European Projects (2nd edition) - 2 credits

- Intercultural Competences for Employability: Strategies for Adaptation (6th edition) - 2 credits

- Communication and Decision-Making Skills (29th edition) - 2 credits


- Learn to be an Entrepreneur (22nd edition) - 2 credits


- Financial Education for University Students' Employment and Entrepreneurship (8th edition) - 2 credits

- Professional Competencies for Effective Workplace Performance (31st edition) - 1 credit

- Successful Entrepreneurship (28th edition) - 2 credits

- Designing, Developing and Presenting a Business Plan (13th edition) - 2 credits


Date From 11 january 2023 to 25 june 2023. 24h. Every day.


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Organized by

Universitat de València

Office of the Vice-Principal for Lifelong Learning, Educational Transformation and Employability

UV General Foundation




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