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Quantum entanglement: from debate to technological applications

Speaker: Armando Pérez



Entanglement is one of the characteristic properties of quantum mechanics. This phenomenon predicts the occurrence of correlations when measurements are made on entangled particles, even if the space-time arrangement excludes the possibility of information transmission between the two measurements. This phenomenon, which might seem to defy the laws of relativity theory, was criticised by A. Einstein. In order to clarify this debate, John Bell enunciated inequalities, which should be respected by the “local realism” advocated by Einstein and others, while they are violated in quantum mechanics. The researchers awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022 have performed various types of experiments with entangled photons that confirm the predictions of quantum mechanics, and have helped lay the foundations for quantum information and new technological applications, such as quantum cryptography, quantum metrology or quantum computers.


Date 17 november 2022 at 12:29 to 14:00. Thursday.


Place Lise Meitner Degree Hall. Faculty of Physics. Burjassot Campus

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