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Masters admission
Pre-registration for UV official masters is now open

The pre-enrolment application can be made through the website for admission to UV Master’s Degrees. This portal provides information about the process and includes video tutorials to guide you through the online pre-enrolment procedure. This site is designed in landing page format and all the information is accessible on the same page by scrolling, so that the information can be consulted clearly and easily.

The UV has two pre-enrolment periods:


  • First period (ordinary phase): from 15 February to 12 June 2023.
  • Second period (extraordinary phase), which will only be open for those Master's Degrees in which there are still open places left: from 20 July to 4 September.

Which Master’s Degree should I study?

The academic offer of Official Master’s Degrees at the UV includes a total of 106 programmes in the five branches of knowledge.

The Architecture and Engineering branch includes 7 Master's Degrees specialising in Data Science, Environmental, Biomedical, Electronic and Chemical Engineering, Web Technologies and Remote Sensing.

The Arts and Humanities branch offers 14 Master's Degrees in Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, Cultural Management, Hispanic Studies, English Studies, Languages and Literatures, Translation, Philosophy, Ethics, History of Science, History of Art and other History degrees with different contents and approaches.

The 17 specialised Master's Degrees in the branch of Sciences focus on Virology, Aquaculture, Biodiversity, Pollution, Biotechnology and Biomedicine, Biology, Palaeontology, Physics, Mathematics, Biostatistics, Optometry, Nanotechnology and other fields of Chemistry. In addition, a new Inter-University Master's Degree in the cutting-edge field of Quantum Technologies is being launched this year, with 60 places available.

The Health Sciences branch consists of 19 Master's Degrees in Dental Sciences, Biomedical Research, Assisted Human Reproduction, Oncological Nursing, Physiotherapy, Physiology, Nutrition, Food Safety, Tropical Diseases, Use of Medicines, Medical Physics, Drug Addiction, Neurosciences, Psychogerontology, Health Psychology, Speech Therapy, Public Health and Bioinformatics.

Finally, in the branch of Social and Legal Sciences the UV offers a total of 49 Master's Degrees in fields such as Law Practice, other aspects of Law, Criminology, International Business, Finance, Accounting, Business Management, Economics, International Trade, Tourism, Physical Activity and Sport, Human Resources, Occupational Risk Prevention, Social Welfare, Gender and Equality Policies, Psychopedagogy, Journalism, Audiovisuals, Special Education and Secondary Education Teacher Training.


Date From 15 february 2023 to 11 june 2023. 24h. Every day.

  • 12 june 2023 at 00:00 to 14:00. Monday.

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