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Jeroni Muñoz
Jeroni Muñoz and its work on the verge of scientific revolution

Jerónimo Muñoz (Valencia, cir.1520-Valladolid?, 1591) is without doubt one of the most famous scientists of the Valencian and Spanish history. He was a full university professor of Hebrew in the University of Ancona, and of Mathematics and Astronomy in the universities of Valencia and Salamanca. In his era, he enjoyed of a high prestige in Spain and Europe, especially because of his works on the supernova of 1572. Those were quoted and commented by the best European astronomers, and are still used for studying the remains of this phenomenon. Despite the fact he did not publish many works, he left an important volume of manuscripts of the different fields of mathematics and astronomy of his era and their applications. He also left account of his activities and teaching in universities. Overall, his intellectual personality is aligned with the technical-humanists-scientists of the Renaissance period who contributed to create the possibility conditions of modern science and its emergency.

During the conference it will also take part a performance of the Dance Group of the Universitat de València based on the supernova.


Date 8 june 2023 at 19:00 to 21:00. Thursday.


Place Centre Internacional de Gandia

Organized by

Centre Internacional de Gandia.